My mom is the coolest mom ever! (For plenty of reasons)

I had my second driving class of the week this morning around 10 o' clock, and I was pretty bummed out that yesterday, I had missed out on Thomas Vanek's interview on the NHL radio. I told her of my disappointment and how if we had the NHL Network, I might've had the chance to watch/listen. I told her how it didn't cost that much to get, and that it'd be a good investment because I'd watch it all the time. Well...

We get home after my class, and she says that she has something to tell me. I walk into the house, and I went to go to the bathroom but when I came out she asked 'What channel is that NHL station on?'
I walk into the room to see Markov, Price, Carbonneau, Komisarek, and Kovalev getting a picture taken during the All Star practice this morning.

Coolest mom ever, for real. I just watched the entire practice from both teams, and it was really cool to watch. I love the player interviews and seeing all the guys laughing and just appearing to have a good time with one another. There's no competition (except fun competition), no rivalries (okay, maybe not), and no hard feelings with anyone there. I am one who is totally for the All Star game. I don't care if there's hardly any effort put into it. I don't care if there's no hits, no fights, no penalties, things like that. What I love the most about the All Star game is what I said before. The league's best come together for an event; trying to help promote the game. I know I love seeing all of today's best stars come together on one sheet of ice to watch them do their stuff. There isn't going to be one next year because of the Olympics, so I'm going to enjoy this one for as long as I possibly can.


Caroline said...

Awesome! You're really going to like the NHL Network. NHL on the Fly is a great show that recaps all of the games and they also broadcast Hockey Night in Canada and some college hockey games now.

Shelby Rose said...

We don't get HNIC out here, so I'll enjoy watching that! And those college games too, because I think college hockey is pretty exciting. :D It's too bad they aren't televised more often on major sporting networks.