Thomas Vanek is an All Star.

Now really, are any of us surprised by this?
To be honest (because of his improved play lately), I was hoping Derek would be joining Thomas at the All Star Game but I guess that isn't going to happen. Thomas is the sole representative for the Sabres this year, and I know that he'll make us very proud. I'm more interested in seeing what he'll do at the Skills Competition over the game itself, actually. I know that everyone doesn't have to participate, but if they put him in the Breakaway competition, I might die. Either because I know he won't score or because of the move he does. It might turn out to be an amazing move. I'll guess we'll have to wait and see on the weekend of the 24th and 25th.

I really love the comment he made about getting on the team's roster:
"I've never been a big part of my own success but at the same time it's an honor to represent the Sabres and my teammates," Vanek said.
Of course, I love whenever anyone has nice things to say about the team, haha. He just sounds so genuine all of the time...I can't get over that. He seems so sweet. But anyways, enough of my needless gushing (for now). The rest of the Eastern Conference roster is here*.

*If Thomas ends up playing with Heatley on a line, I think I might die a little inside. I don't care if I'm supposed to root for the East as a whole, I STILL dislike the guy beyond all imagination.

Edit: ...Well, according to the man himself, he looked up to Dany Heatley when he was still in high school because he went to college and after two years, made it to the NHL. So he's excited to play beside him. *thunks head* I will not oppose any feelings Thomas has about Dany Heatley. THIS TIME.


Jill said...

I cannot stand Heatley... he makes my skin crawl.

Shelby Rose said...

he makes my skin crawl

Mine, too! It's bad enough when I see his face and he's missing a few teeth here and there...ugh.