Maybe Ruutu is the next guy up to play a part in Jaws.

Yahoo! (and various other sites) reported that Jarkko Ruutu received a two game suspension after the biting incident against Andrew Peters. He stated that he didn't bite him, but listening to Andrew's post game and after practice comments, he sounds very sincere about what happened last night. I don't think Andrew would lie about something like this, either. Sean Avery had gotten a six game suspension for his comments about Elisha Cuthbert, but do you think this biting incident deserved more? I do. But that's my opinion.

Timmy is reported to definitely come back on Friday. He looked very happy in his post practice interview from this morning, and I liked to see a smile on his face for once. He sounds optimistic...and I think that's the first time I've heard him say that he knows he's going to get hit. That he can't worry about that and just play his game. It was refreshing to hear. At the same time, I still don't think he's going to last pretty long. Please, make me eat my words, Timmy.

Oh, and Anne posted the list of the Western Conference Reserves for the All Star game. I think it's a good list, but I think some players were snubbed...I can't wait until the list tomorrow. If a certain someone is on that list tomorrow, I will probably have a big post to go along with it. I hope it happens!


dani said...

I thought Timmy was far from coming back. I was kind of shocked! haha

Shelby Rose said...

I thought so, too! Good to see that he's coming back earlier than most of us expected.