Power outages have awesome timing.


It's the hair.

I thought the Skills Competition from last night was the best one I've seen in the past three years. Puck Daddy has a post up about how personality was actually being shown here, and he's right. Ovie with his breakaway attempt, Savvy and his commentary on Versus, and pretty much every event had some flavor in it.

I feel bad for Mason Raymond, but I'm glad that he managed to stay on his feet after he almost slipped on the ice. His time was the slowest, but I give kudos to him for not falling the whole way. Don't be embarrassed! At least you didn't pull a Mark Streit. :P

I only saw Kane, St. Louis, and Getzlaf during the breakaway competition because our power decided to shut off. We were without it for about 20-25 minutes and when we got it back up again, the Youngstars game was on. I completely forgot they changed the format from East vs. West to Rookies vs. Sophomores. I was rooting for the Sophomores (Kris Letang. <3) but they failed me. But I was glad to see Blake get a hatty. Good for him!

I thought for sure Kaberle would take the accuracy shooting again, but after he nailed three targets in eight attempts? Yikes. Malkin and Heatley going head-to-head was pretty cool, and I rooted for Geno. I'm glad he won it, but did Chris Simpson really have to put him through an interview? The guy just started speaking English and I felt bad for him. I did like what he had to say about helping Ovie out during the breakaway competition, though.
"He goes 'Help me.' And I go 'What is going on?'."

Up came the Hardest Shot, and I can't believe Chara beat the record. Over 105 mph...I feel bad for whoever blocks a shot by him next. It hurts my bones just thinking about it. Shea Weber totally thought he had it until Chara blasted that last one. I love that the money that was bet on it is going to the organization 'Right To Play'. What a wonderful thing to do. (:

I didn't think the Elimination Shootout would ever end. Doan and Savard went for seven rounds, I think it was? I thought it was so cute when everytime after Doan scored, his daughter hugged him around the neck. I love how the players bring their kids to these events. :D It makes me smile.

Around the seven-minute mark. Thanks for proving me wrong Thomas, I appreciate it. (;


Cari said...

Just think about Paetsch taking a Chara shot off of his head. Ouch. Talk about reason for a concussion.

Shelby Rose said...

That's the first thing I thought of when they mentioned it last night. How did Nathan not have a concussion after that?!