Q & A with the talented Mr...Vanek.

Remember when I said yesterday that I was going to enjoy the All Star game as long as I could? Well, that didn't work out. I thought the game last night was boring as all heck. Maybe I was bored by all the goals because I wanted Thomas to get some sort of point in the game, or be on the ice for a goal. I wanted to see him hit the top of his teammates' heads, and have a grin on his face as he had a good time. But you know what? I'm sure he had a fabulous time nonetheless. I was happy to see him score in the elimination shootout when me (along with most of Buffalo) probably thought he wouldn't do it. I was happy to see a smile spread on his face as he went by the benches. I was happy to see his interview on the Red Carpet, and notice how spiffy he looked in that gray trenchcoat. I watched the pregame of the All Star game and saw as he signed jerseys for little kids in the locker room, and he smiled after he was finished. Even if he didn't get any sort of points yesterday...I loved seeing everything that went on this weekend for him, and the honor it must've been to be the first Austrian to play in the All Star game. He makes his country proud.

The Sabres performed a Q & A with him this morning I think, and I liked reading that he hung with Zach Parise for a little bit. I was sort of worried that the poor guy would be lonesome his whole time up in Montréal (which was why I wanted Derek or Ryan to go with him), so finding out that he was talking to guys makes it better. I noticed during the Skills competition that after Zdeno got over 105 mph on the hardest shot and he skated over to the Eastern bench, he gave fist pounds to Eric Staal, someone else, and I saw Thomas lift up his glove to give him a fist pound too but Zee turned away. ): I felt so bad! But ahhh, I'm just being silly and worrying about stuff like this. :P

He also mentioned how he watched the Penguins as he was growing up in Austria. Thomas...seriously, give me a call and let's just become the best of friends. I LIKE THE PENGUINS, TOO! Second to the fabulous Sabres of course, but the Pens are my second team. I'm always available, just...give me a ring whenever you want to talk, my man.

...There's real hockey on tomorrow, what?

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