Postgame: 12-5-09

As I mentioned last night, losses like these are always better when you watch them with people who can make you laugh. Watching it alone can send you into hysterics; yelling at your television every so often or just turning the game off completely. Last night we sat through the entire game and watched as the Sabres gave up two points to the Rangers while I believe they are second in the division yet again.

If you were at the game, they showed a stat last night that I didn't even think of during the third period. The line of Vanek-Kennedy-Grier? They all won the NCAA championships when they played in college. I thought to myself 'Wow, that's really neat.' and decided also that I would call them the Wheaties line. The breakfast of champions!

Watching Tyler Myers play lately has been a headache. Ever since he was able to stay up here, he's been on a rollercoaster ride. I understand that rookies are always going to make mistakes but it seems to me he's been making the same mistake every so often in a game. He was definitely the reason for the first goal last night. Don't remember much about the second. I would just like to see him stay calm with the puck and not try and make a play all the time. It's not necessary.

Maybe for Monday there can be a Fabian reunion, eh Zach and Drew? Just need Jordan and some bad clothes, and you're all set.

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