The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: PATTY!

Tamara and I have been to every game Patty has started this season. Let alone he only started three games, but one was an away game. We've really made the effort to see him play and the boys played well in front of him and Patty made some huge saves in the beginning of the first period to keep the Sabres in the game. He deserved his first win tonight (as he had the other games too) and the excitement this team had after they won made me smile and yell my lungs out for the record. This is why Patty should maybe play on Fridays depending on the team. The team isn't tired in front of him and there's a better chance that he would get a win. I'm sure this game helped amp his confidence up a ton. He definitely needs it.

Melissa from Hockey Is Life met up with us during warmups, and we also sat with her during the game because there was NO ONE at the top of section 302. Or 301. I can't remember the section we were in. Anyways, no one was around us for the second and third periods so we yelped and screamed about everything, haha. I'm assuming some people didn't show up to the game because of the snow, or the game just didn't sell out. I don't remember hearing an announcement about whether or not the game had been sold out.

I am sort of not surprised that most of the arena booed Brian Campbell last night, but you know what? I'm still surprised. Keep it classy Buffalo, as always. The poor guy was traded away and you boo him? It's so stupid. If he had left I would understand but even then, if the team didn't want the guy and he wanted to stay, you shouldn't boo him. I know Tamara and I were yelling 'GO SOUPY!' the whole time and I also made a comment about sweaty hands, but it was supposed to be positive, haha.

The surprise we have planned for everyone is happening TONIGHT! So be on the look out people.


k of c said...

It wasn't sold out? I would have loved to be at that game (except for seeing the Hawks lose, obviously). I'll give congrats to Lalime, I didn't expect he'd be that good.

I couldn't quite gauge the amount of boos from the WGN radio broadcast (I was watching the game online too but it barely had sound). I'm surprised there were that many. Maybe next time Hawks play Buffalo it'll be out of their system...I've heard Campbell get more boos in Chicago (or at least I seemed to be in the anti-Campbell section at the Rangers game the other day) than Havlat did when he returned with the Wild...

Caroline said...

The attendance was announced as 18,009. I was pretty surprised, I thought for sure that it was going to be a sellout.

Shelby Rose said...

k of c; unfortunately in Buffalo, the boos are never out of the fans systems. A lot of people here still boo Drury when he comes back with the Rangers. We're just bitter people and stupid. I admit that, haha.

Caroline; I reaaally cannot believe the game wasn't sold out last night. That's so strange. Then again I'm kind of glad because of us being able to move our seats and see the game better...even though we were in cheaper seats.