'...and den the Aussie go to Portland, NOT ME!'

Our favorite little guy is back as Darcy Regier recalled Nathan Gerbe from the Pirates this morning. Since there has been a lack of scoring the past two games, hopefully Nate would be able to bring some spark to the Sabres tonight against the Capitals, and however long he may be up here. I hope it's awhile and I really hope this stint is better than the one he had last year, where he had one assist in ten games. He's a feisty young one too, so it'll be interesting to see him play against the Caps. I can't remember if he had the chance to play against them last season.

Oh, and apparently Simeon (Semyon) Varlamov has a lower body injury, so he isn't playing tonight. Jose Theodore is. Since Varlamov had a shutout against the Sabres last time, I'm hoping this outcome will be different...

Make sure to watch out for this blog later! Tamara and I have a surprise for everyone. (: Hopefully one you'll like.

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