To Switzerland!

So I know that the Sabres aren't officially out of the playoffs yet, but I am already looking forward towards the World Championships. This will be my first year watching them and I am extremely excited. I find these games much more entertaining than those in the NHL just because players are playing for their native country. There's a lot more pride put into these games I think, and the guys look like they have plenty of fun.

I went onto the main IIHF website and looked at the schedule for the WCs:

I am so pumped for the USA-AUT game, you have no idea. I am hoping they show that on the NHL Network, otherwise I will have to try and get a feed online somewhere.

My Spring Break unfortunately will be over by the time the festivities begin, but I will try and DVR most of the games so that I can watch them when I get home from school. I would love to catch teams that I normally never hear about. Like the Latvia team, I never hear about them. Or the German team.

Gosh, I am really pumped for this now. I should be all down in the dumps because of more than likely no more hockey from our boys after the season is done with but...there is more hockey to be played elsewhere! At least it's something.

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