Tim Connolly's musculoskeletal injury turns out to be a broken rib.

Dear Tim Connolly,

Hi, this is Shelby. I'd like to start this by saying you look like my stepdad and that's sort of frightening. When I got your autograph at Puck Drop this past September, I was starstruck because you look so much alike. Grow some hair or something, I don't know.

ANYWAYS. Onto business matters.

A broken rib, huh? I can understand why you didn't want to let that out to the media. Then again, is that really musculoskeletal? What the hell? Lindy agrees with me that you had a reason to feel uncomfortable about saying that. People probably think you're a wuss right now.

Listen, I've never had a broken rib or any broken bones in my life. I can't begin to imagine how much that hurts. I can only hope you come back soon, but I know when you hit the ice again, you'll get another injury. A groin pull. A hip problem. Back spasms. Because you're Tim Connolly. The Tin Man.

I wish I could say you'll still be here next season - but don't count on it, buddy.


(Oh, and I know I have a picture of Danny Paille at the top of my post, but only because the face he's making is adorkable! Aw, Pie. <3)


Anne said...

That goes without saying. Everything Danny Paille does is adorkable. Except the occasional turnover, of course.

That's pretty creepy that he looks like your step dad. Come to think of it... HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THEM IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER?!?!

Shelby Rose said...

Yeah, very unadorkable of Danny Paille to have a turnover. ): Baaaad.

And come to think of it...they had a Sabrekidz picnic last summer at the zoo, and I went along with him and my stepbrother. Timmy was there doing signings, so they were almost next to each other. CRAZY.