Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even though I said it yesterday, haha. I hope everyone has a wonderful time with their families. (: Don't get too stuffed up though, in case you're going shopping tomorrow. GOOD LUCK IF THAT IS THE CASE.

I'm leaving at around three to go to my sister's house for the celebration, and I'm hoping my sister-in-law makes breadsauce. It's soooooo good. It's an English dish (and she's of English decent), and it's so good with turkey. *crosses fingers* She only makes it once a year.

If you haven't watched this week's installment of the Sabres Show yet, do it. The level of cuteness is currently baby blue - "Squeeing may happen". I love our boys and the things they do for the community.THOMAS, I CAN NOT LOVE YOU ANYMORE THAN I DO ALREADY, IT IS GETTING RIDICULOUS NOW. YOU CARE ABOUT OUR EDUCATION, OKAY. OUR GOALS TOO. AND YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL TO ALL THOSE KIDS AT THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUB, AND MANY OTHER YOUNGINS MORE THAN LIKELY IN AUSTRIA WHO WANT TO PLAY HOCKEY.
You are at the level of 'baby blue' all on your own for me, sir. <3

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