AhhhhhHHHHhhhhHHHHhhhh, shutouts are scary (good).

Sabres won 2-0 against the Devils. Pominville scored late in the first period on the power play, and then Kaleta made it 2-0 when he scored on a deflection in the third period. I can't think of a scarier game I've watched all my life besides this one. I thought for sure when the Devils had around six power play chances in a row, the Sabres would have karma bite them but it never happened. I'd just rather not witness another game like this especially against a team like the Devils, ugh. It didn't help Versus was broadcasting this so I almost fell asleep in my chair.
- Ryan got his second consecutive shutout; the first time that's happened in his career! Great job, Millsy. (': He's mainly the reason why we won in the first place, if it wasn't for that stellar performance in the last half of the game. He was solid.
- I think the only reasons why I enjoy watching games on Versus are:
- Hockey in beautiful HD.
- I love seeing what Versus screws up on next.
- Shots of Thomas Vanek before the game starts with that cool spin-y thing that some players do? *melts* I think I about died when they showed clips from his little interview last season. It looks sooooo much better in HD. I was mesmerized by that cut on his forehead, thank you Versus.
- Speaking of Vanner, I love the fact that whenever he gets a penalty, he seems to be shouting along the lines of 'Fucking *add something* fuck *something* ahhh!' It's even better when they get it on camera for all of the nation to see. Such a potty mouth, but I love that potty mouth.
- When's the Sabres next game? Friday against Atlanta or something? Man, that's too long. I'mma go hide under a rock until they play next.


Jael said...

LOL, yes, Vanek's constant potty mouth EVERY time he gets a penalty is incredibly amusing. And with Versus, chances are you hear it. EVERY time something happens, they turn the mics on the ice on at full volume or something... I LOL all the time at them for that. But, yeah... I noticed that about Vanek at some point last season. It's hilarious. Hahaha.

This game was amazing. And that's about it. =D

Shelby Rose said...

I'm waiting until they get it on their mics. Then I can finally figure out if he swears in German along with adding random 'fucks' in there, or if he swears in English.

It was amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat. My poor heart. ):

Anne said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a "FUCK ME" tonight from Vanek, hahha.

Rachael and Lucinda said...

hahaha i'm pretty sure tv said something along the lines of "horse shit!" in the box tonight! too fuuny!
clearly "Mic'd up with Thomas Vanek" is a GREAT idea!!! :O)


Shelby Rose said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a "FUCK ME" tonight from Vanek, hahha.

Ahahaha, I'm laughing way more than I probably should be right now after reading that. It's too early.

Shelby Rose said...

"Mic'd up with Thomas Vanek" is a GREAT idea!!! :O)

Rachael, we need to give Versus a call and tell them to make it happen. Or make MSG bring back the 'Listening In' thing.