Well, this is confusing.

How could the Sabres possibly have an entire healthy roster...and seem to fall apart at crucial times during games now? Could it be with the lines juggled that they aren't used to playing with these guys who were injured for a few weeks? I thought for sure they'd be a lot more dangerous and even more defensively sound when everyone was healthy and ready to go, but with a complete roster, the Sabres are 0-2. Kind of makes you wonder why...

Like I mentioned last night, I didn't really pay too much attention to the game. I watched all of the first period to see Timmy's nice passing play with Pommers before putting it into the net himself for his first goal of the season, and then I saw Wideman's shot go through two screens and end up behind the net. So yeah, the first period was pretty exciting.

The second period was when I started to do word searches, and that's when things began to fall apart for the Sabres. I saw the replay of the Kobasew goal after it happened and noticed how early Ryan went down...again. If there was one criticism I ever had of Ryan Miller's play, it is the fact that a lot of times, he goes down too early on shots. Then again, maybe the defense shouldn't have given Kobasew that much room.

Again, I had to watch a replay for Savard's goal. Ryan had no chance to flop back over on the other side, and once again, Rivet was standing right in front of the net. Those are the times when I would really appreciate blocked shots, guys. Really appreciate it.

Uh, I do remember the last power play the Sabres had and it was basically atrocious. They couldn't even get any good entries in for the puck. Bleh.
I'm looking towards Wednesday. St. Louis always seems to beat us, but we'll see with the Sabres coming in after two losses in a row.

Oh, and I do love the reason why Blake Wheeler changed his number to 26. As Harry said during the game, he changed it so that he could honor all the great 26s who played for the U. of Minnesota for the Gophers. We all know who one of those guys were. (; So I said 'Oh, he can be my new best friend - just not tonight.'

I have no hopes for the Bills today, I'm sorry. It's the Patriots...and even with Matt Cassel in, I don't think it makes much of a difference after the abysmal games with Miami and New York for the past two weeks. Those are the games where you should and must win. But then again I could be wrong, and they could destroy (or have a close game with) the Patriots. We shall see.


M.J. said...

Bruins fans are frighteningly in love with Marc Savard. He's like a god up there.

Also I actually had to stare at the TV for a good solid five minutes in order to believe, to accept, that was REALLY Tim Connolly on the ice, and actually playing for real hockey. It was like see the Loch ness Monster

Shelby Rose said...

I wonder how Atlanta fans felt about him when he used to play down there.

Haha, Tim Connolly playing real hockey seems like a myth, just like Nessie is. At least he didn't have his helmet off this time when he scored his goal. I can just picture him scoring...and then falling on the ice and going headfirst into the boards. BOOM. Concussion, just like that.

dani said...

I didn't really pay too much attention to the game.

Shows how much we love the Bruins.

Shelby Rose said...

The last game where they played the Bruins, I didn't pay attention to the announcers. This one was just badbadbad and didn't interest me AT ALL.

Maybe if there was like, a fight or two, I might have been into it.

Beware of Bear said...

See, this is the one reason I hate when we play you guys. One of us is always gonna be disappointed. But the good thing is now the season series is even?

Shelby Rose said...

Yeah, you're right Lizi. (: So it's like we're back at 0-0, but not really.

Besides, I'm not too disappointed. It just stinks that there was no effort in the second or third period really from us. I would've liked to see some hustle.

Jill said...

LOL... You have to change your date stamp... or is it like that for a reason? I kept thinking... why hasn't she blogged in two months? She's been on... LOL!

Shelby Rose said...

Oh, I know why it looks like that! It does the day, THEN the month, so...it is actually 11/9/08 if you look at it right. It just looks like it's saying 9/11/08, haha.

Jael said...


Why suck when all the guys are healthy and back from injury. WHY. It makes no seeeeense.

Shelby Rose said...

Exactly, Jael. Then again, I don't think the Sabres make any sense some nights, and that was one of those nights.