I'm almost through with this game.

Some of us may like these high scoring games, but I certainly do not. The fact that the Bruins are scoring on weird bounces and making our defense look like idiots again isn't really helping out, either.
Sabres, why oh why do you decide to let me get frustrated with you extremely during divisional games? Especially ones where you are losing going into the third period, damn it.
Sorry Lizi, but I never want to watch the Sabres play the Bruins again. I am sick of seeing them.
Better pick this up and score a few in the third otherwise I will not be a happy fan, boys.

Edit: Nice job, you buttmunches. Fuck you.
Edit 2: Portland Pirates continue to dominate.
Portland Pirates Beat Hartford Wolf Pack; 4-2
I shouldn't be saying this, but take note from your farm team, Sabres. I know the AHL is different in the level of intensity, but Jesus H. Miller.


Jill said...

Yeah... I got nothing.

Shelby Rose said...

I'm surprised your pep talk didn't work. Now it looks like it's just time for the boys to get a beating. ):