Now that I'm mellowed out.

My initial reaction to the game while waiting for the subway to come.

I think I was kidding about Thomas Vanek being a jerk last night. It's just that he decided not to score when I was there, as usual. Whatever.

My brother and I decided to take the subway as per usual to the game because it's a lot cheaper that way. The only bad thing is that you literally have to sprint from your seats in the arena down to the train otherwise you will be one of the people standing in a crowded area. We left with about five minutes left in the third period so we made it out of there and got to sit down last night while going back to his car. On the way to the arena, this little girl and her mom sat next to my brother and I and she was was super excited because she was going to see the Rockettes. On the way back after the game, I turned to my brother when we passed by the Theater stop and said 'I wonder how the Rockettes were?' and he said 'A lot better than that game, I bet.'

We got to the arena stop, and went in to go up to our seats which were located in section 310. Their seasons' are in 318, so we weren't that far from my other brother and sister-in-law. My oldest brother stopped by to talk to one of his friends from college, and his dad and everything. I was going to say 'I really like your kicking jersey.' since he had a Vanek Away one, but I didn't. :P I guess they are going down to Pittsburgh today for the game, so I hope they get a better viewing there than they did here last night.

After getting some good food (I got pizza and a Coke), we headed up to our seats. They weren't too bad but they were in the middle of a row and we couldn't stand up. I'm so used to standing because of my brothers' seats. There's a wall behind them and they're at the end of a row, so we can just lean against the wall. Also, I had a pretty big guy next to me so I had to sit in an awkward position since his leg was touching mine. I had no problem with him, it was just that I was sitting uncomfortably.

I took video of the Sabres coming out on the ice, but of course my computer is retarded when it comes to uploading videos. I have no idea where to upload it to. x_X Freaking thing.
The first period of the game was blegh. We talked to my other brother and sister-in-law during the intermission, and we were going to go out after the game but then they opted not to in the third period. They were probably depressed from the score. We were too.
Second period was blegh until Jason Pominville scored, and the two guys next to me had their own sign that looked like a destination road sign and had 'Population of Pominville' on it and they velcroe'd a '6' on the sign. They didn't get on the Jumbotron, but in the third period they did. The camera guy was in our section for most of the third, and I got on the Jumbotron twice. My brother pushed me into the picture when the two guys were holding up their sign so if they showed that sign during the game on TV, I was the girl on the right in the Vanek jersey. :P

We decided to leave with five minutes remaining in the third, but that was because we were planning on going to the store. We passed by it and my brother said by the time we got out of there, the train would have come and gone so no store shopping this time for us.

Anyways, I think I wanted to commit some sort of murder last night. What an awful game to see live. You never want to watch blowouts against your own team. I wanted to stay until the bitter end though, even though we technically didn't but nothing happened after we left anyways. My brother and I both were surprised there wasn't even a damn fight until about the third period, and even that was only a small scrum. The Sabres looked like they already left for Pittsburgh before the game started. What a disgusting display of hockey. I hope Lindy smacked them all over the head after the game. Oh, and most of those goals were not Lalime's fault, so when everyone was freaking out when they put Miller in, I said 'Too bad neither goaltender can score goals for you.' Where was the defense last night? Holy mother of fuck.

Oh, and I don't want to listen to the postgame interviews, because if I have to hear something about the goddamn system from Lindy or Pominville, I am going to chuck this computer out of the window. You know what I have to say about the system? Screw it. Do we fans even know what it is? Sometimes they play it and other times they don't. I don't even know anymore. I'm just so sick of hearing about it.

I probably won't watch any of the game tonight because of the fact I have a parade in Toronto tomorrow. I think it might be on CBC, but I'm not too sure...if anyone has that station, and would like to see any of it, make sure to look out for the Attica High School Marching Band! Hopefully by that time I won't be absolutely dead from all the playing I have to do.


Mary Josephine said...

ry but i love the bitterness in this entry. it actually made me laugh.
i agree with everything =\ what a dumb game

Shelby Rose said...

Haha, thanks MJ. I needed to get everything out, and this is how I truly felt about the game.