My oldest brother is an awesome person.

Guess who's going to the game tomorrow?

My mom came home today to pick me up so that we could go pick up my report card at Open House. I don't know why my school does it that way, but I guess it gives the parents an excuse to talk to our teachers and whatnot if they want to. My mother avoids that like the plague. My grades are as follows:

Studio In Art - 95
Economics - 94
AP English - 97
Band - 98
Lifeskills 2 - 99
Average: 96.65 (about)

I'm quite proud of myself. I thought for sure Economics would end up lower, but that's not bad at all for being my lowest grade. Oh, I can't wait until next semester when I have two more classes added to my grades so everything will be distorted.

Back to the title of this post: When my mom got home, she came into my room and was like 'Why do you sound so blah?' I tend to sound blah whenever I get home from school because I'm dead tired, but she gave me a hug and went 'Jason is taking you to the game tomorrow.' Well, my mood certainly changed! I guess he got an email saying that STH could buy more tickets for the game against the Blue Jackets, but it was first come, first serve. My other brother Corey is going with my sister-in-law in their regular seats, so I have no idea if we have seats near them now or what. I'll have to ask Jason that when I go to his house tomorrow immediately after having driving class. This weekend is going to be so hectic, ugh.

So yes, if any of you that are going (or are watching on TV) see or hear a girl in a Sabres Christmas hat with her Vanek Buffaslug jersey on that gets really rowdy during the game, that would be me. I am 1-0 for this season, and 6-4 at games since 2007. Let's hope it goes to 7-4 tomorrow night.


Jill said...

That's FABULOUS! and your grades too! Keep it up!

Shelby Rose said...

Thanks! (:

lakebnd79 said...

Those grades are awesome! Keep up the good work-it will pay off!
And...Have a great time at the game!

Shelby Rose said...

Thank you on both accounts! (: