Craigory Rivet says that YOU have a lack of focus.

This picture amuses me highly for some reason.

Now that the wound isn't as deep as it was yesterday, I can go back to rooting this team on tomorrow. Okay that's a lie, I will probably yell at them the minute they start the game and say they did something wrong. They made me and many other fans this way. I blame you guys. I just hope I'm not in a bad mood tomorrow before the game, that's not what I need.

Craigory Rivet was interviewed this morning after practice, and his basic message to the media about the Sabres now was that 'there was a lack of focus'. Damn right there was a lack of focus. I can't believe how many brain farts the Sabres have had in these past three games, it is truly disgusting. Lindy also said to the media today that if guys don't do this right, they're getting benched or scratched. Henrik Tallinder was his first victim last night and didn't play the rest of the game after coughing up the puck to Blake Wheeler in his own zone. Listen Hank - don't make a pass to a player when you're in front of your goaltender, and that player is still in the zone. I know I know, it's Thomas Vanek and he's being awesome right now, but stop it silly.

I would like to watch a good game tomorrow against the dastardly Flyers. I will be expecting their goons (all 20 of them) to come out and try to destroy Vanek - and I would hope to something holy that people will stick up for him. That's all I need to see is you guys go limp all of the sudden in the 'standing up' department.

Here is to a far better tomorrow than today.


Jill said...

This picture amuses me highly for some reason.

I think it's because he is starring down the camera! HA! Good Lord I hope the come out and play the WHOLE game!

Shelby Rose said...

They better. Otherwise, they'll have to go through one of Rivet's death stares again, and they don't want that.

Cari said...

This picture amuses me highly for some reason.

To me, it looks like an intro to one of those ridiculous and over-played political commercials..


Shelby Rose said...

You're right, Cari! That's what it reminded me of.