What was in those pancakes?

I seriously don't know what to say about this game. The defensive end was so much better than it has been these last few games - and then the boys forgot how to score. You just lost 3-0 to Philadelphia, for fuck sake.

Oh no, I thought for sure if they lost I would be like 'Well, they played better defensively, but now they just lost their scoring touch.' No. I see Thomas Vanek lose the puck in the dying minutes, and then Philly scores an empty netter. GOOD JOB. So then I stormed off from my TV, with tears forming in my eyes because 1.) I'm a sap and hate watching my favorite player screw up big time on a play like that, and 2.) I can't take this streak anymore. I want my team back, please.

I think Drew Stafford had 20 shots on goal tonight. I still can't believe nothing went in. Marty Biron isn't that good. I don't believe Philly's defense is that good. The goalposts next to Marty were gods tonight for him. So were those pancakes he must've eaten before the game.

Will Thomas ever learn how to score on breakaways? I think Lindy should force him to do like, 20 practices of just breakaways on Ryan or Patty. This is getting ridiculous. How can it be exciting when I know he's not going to score on a breakaway?

Oh, how about Mancari tonight? He did an awesome job hitting. I saw most of the grit back tonight, and that was good to see. Too bad it didn't help out the score.




Jael said...

I'm glad I didn't watch... lol

Shelby Rose said...

The Pirates game was more entertaining than this, and there was no score in that until the third period!

Jill said...

Marty Biron isn't that good.

I said the EXACT same thing... I kid you not.

Shelby Rose said...

He was lucky yesterday the Sabres couldn't get anything past him. I still can't believe he shut them out.

dani said...

Pancakes=Marty B shout out.

Shelby Rose said...

Next time - someone better plan operation SMP. Steal Marty's Pancakes.