See you at the game.


My brother gave me and my stepdad the tickets tonight because some friends were in town for Thanksgiving. Also, my parents bought me that jersey in the picture today as an early Christmas present. It's my third Vanek jersey in my possession. Yes, I'm a little obsessed, haha.

Go Sabres.


Caroline said...

I was at the game too! It was a great one to be at. :)

Shelby Rose said...

I think I completely lost my voice, haha. I was screaming for most of the second period at the referees because of how awful they were tonight, but definitely an entertaining game to be at!

Jael said...

I wish I were there.

I could have bought tickets, too, but decided not to because it was a gold game (aka waaayyy too expensive for Jael). Hahaha.

Shelby Rose said...

Yeah, those tickets were expensive! My brothers have the highest seats in one section (so they can stand the whole game, it's fun) and a ticket cost $72 for one seat. It was ridiculous. My mom only had to pay $52 for the both of them, though.

Cari said...

I have two Connolly jerseys, and I probably would've had a third of his instead of one of Roy's, had I not fallen for Princess D last year in TC's absence.

Shelby Rose said...

That makes me feel better Cari, thank you.
Maybe if Thomas would get injured, I would not have this problem of hoarding his jerseys! (Oh Thomas, please don't get injured, I don't mean that. ):)