Marty has a boo-boo; out for tomorrow's game.

Looks like Kevin Weekes is in net tomorrow for the Devils. I don't know whether this game will turn out to be really amazing for the Sabres, or whether it'll end up being really bad. I don't think Kevin Weekes has played any games against the Sabres...*checks* All right, nevermind. Out of 19 games that he's played against the Sabres, he's won a total of 5 of them. I guess I don't have to be too worried as long as the Sabres play their defensive game and keep getting pucks to the net. We know how the Devil's trap can get during games such as this one and how boring they can easily get, too.

In Sabre team news, Thomas Vanek updated his blog/diary again today:

Wait, before I get to that, they have a contest on the site.

The time for a new competition has finally come. Our goodies may well be the best presents for fans of Thomas Vanek. Thomas supplied us with some great gifts – from jerseys to hockey-sticks and baseball caps. Of course all goodies are signed by Thomas and are solely meant for you.

Solely meant for me? From the man himself? I would love to have another signed jersey from him, but it's always better to get it signed when I'm in front of the guy, not when I get it sent.

To enter, answer this question: Against which opponent did Thomas score his first shorthanded goal in the NHL?

That's it, you got me. *enters*

Okay, now that that's done.

The win over Washington was very important for our team. After losing two games at home we were forced to give it our best. And this time everything clicked. No doubt it’s easier to play when you can score an early goal. But it was a complete team-effort against Washington. The forwards were backchecking, the blueliners were putting pressure on the Capitals and Ryan Miller was simply outstanding in goal.

He's right. Everything went according to the system yesterday, as Jason Pominville always likes to talk about. I love when they play the system and it, you know, works.

Personally, I’m happy that I’m still on a hot streak. Leading all goal-scorers in the NHL feels good, but it’s really only a snapshot, nothing more, nothing less. We’ve still got 71 games to go in the regular season. I have to keep working on my game, just like the whole team has to keep working hard.

Good lord, he's a poet now. I love it.

That’s something we had to learn this week, especially against Tampa. The practice session the next day was… well, let’s put it this way: Usually the drills are not that brutal. But the game against Washington proved the coaches right. Hopefully we can keep up the good work and spirit in our next games.

Yeah Thomas, I usually don't hear about you putting other guy's head against the glass. But whatever works for you works for me too. And whatever works for the team works for all for all of us Sabre fans.

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