Yo-Yo is back, and Tim Connolly is being Tim Connolly.

Before I start telling my feelings about Jochen Hecht returning on Friday (and Tim Connolly having a sore groin), I just want to mention how honored I am to be mentioned at Die By The Blade. Being mentioned anywhere makes me extraordinarily happy, but Die By The Blade is one of the major Sabres' blogs I like to check up on. If you happen to read this D.O., I'm very appreciative of you checking out this place. I'm an inexperienced blogger, but the nod over here is awesome!

Enough of my inflating ego - Yo-Yo is coming back on Friday for the game against Atlanta. It's going to be a tough decision for Lindy to pick and choose guys to come out of the lineup. There are a few guys you can't take out like Vanek, Roy, Pominville, Kotalik, etc. etc. If it came down to players, I think Lindy would have to choose between Max and Stafford. Finny has been doing well this season regardless of whether or not he's been scoring. He has no goals to show for it. Stafford on the otherhand looks to be trying to find his way still on the third line now after being demoted from the top line so Kotalik to go there. Even though Drew is one of my favorite Sabres, I think I would scratch him over Finny so that Jochen could squeeze back into the lineup. Sometimes there are awful predicaments to be in, but this is a pretty good one for Lindy Ruff and the rest of the coaching staff.

My stepdad informed my mom and I when I came home from school that Tim Connolly had been injured once again in a practice. I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, but my reaction was literally 'Are you joking?'. A sore groin no less, and we know how those like to nag people. He's not ruled out for Friday night, but knowing Timmy, he's going to be out for a couple of games. I will eat my words gratefully if he does happen to play on Friday.
Superstitious stat: We are 2-0-0 with Tim Connolly in the lineup. (; Also 2-0-0 with Andrew Peters out of the lineup. How about those stats, huh? Better not ruin the little streak going here, Timmy...


dani said...

YOYOOOOOOO! I'm so excited for his return. <3

Shelby Rose said...

His return means that we could possibly have a healthy lineup for the first time in a loooooong time!
Unless Timmy screws it up. ):

Jael said...

I just think it's funny that TC used to be one of the iron men of the NHL. He missed one game in three years.



Shelby Rose said...

Maybe he signed a pact with the devil.
Lucifer: Hey you. Yeah you, with the hair. Come over here.
Tinman: 'Sup?
Lucifer: What would you say if I made you an awesome hockey player?
Tinman: I'd say 'You're lying to me like those girls up on Chippewa.' They seriously aren't 30, more like 40.
Lucifer: Er...anyways, I'll make you one if you sign a little agreement.
Tinman: Cool, what do I have to do?
Lucifer: You will get the most random injuries ever, and only be able to play for short periods of time because you're so fragile. But when you do play, you'll get at least a point every game.
Tinman: Oh man, let's do it.
Lucifer: One more thing.
Tinman: What?
Lucifer: The hair has to go.


Jael said...