It was going to happen sooner or later.

But you're not...Thomas Vanek. ):
Oh well, I knew it was going to go down like this sooner or later. Damn.

Anyways, Sabres won 4-3 and finally beat that winning streak that St. Louis had against them these past thirteen years (THIRTEEN YEARS!). Good time to do it too, even though I was getting scared at the end again. Can we get a 3-0 lead and then hold onto it for a good while? Please? That'd be awesome. At least they won so I can go to sleep happy and wear my Pominville jersey tomorrow at school and represent his goal of epic-ness.

Anyone else think the Kotalik-Roy-Vanek line was poop tonight except for a few shifts? Goddamn, I think I yelled more when they were on the ice more than I cheered them on. Okay, I did flail when Vanek had all those breakaway chances (WHAT WAS THAT LAST ATTEMPT, AH MY GOD, IT WAS RIGHT THERE FOR THE TAKING THOMAS), but otherwise it was mostly irritation towards them. My mom says Thomas looked tense. And he got a haircut. HE. CUT. HIS. HAIR. This is sad when that's the first thing I notice during a game. '*watches TV* MOM, THOMAS CUT HIS HAIR AGAIN.' 'It grows back Shelby. Maybe I should write him a letter asking him to shave off all his hair because I'm his ~biggest fan~.' 'Wha-wha-wha...NO! *cries*'
Yep, that's how a normal hockey conversation rolls within this house.

I hope to the high heavens that Tim Connolly is all right. God, you cannot strike him down now when he's on a goal streak. TWO GOALS IN TWO GAMES, OKAY. Tim Connolly has a fire under his ass, let him play some hockey!

I am falling more in love with Adam Mair everyday. This might be a bad thing considering my heart is already devoted to Thomas Vanek and all his awesome German-ness stuff...yeah.

Oh, and I am quite proud of Petey for pulling out two fights tonight in the same period. What a trooper. Too bad it was mostly hugging, but hey, if he wanted to put a little spark into the team it certainly helped. So thank you Andrew. (:

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