I'm so glad you guys were inspired to play hockey tonight.

Too bad you couldn't have, oh, I don't know, SCORE A FEW GOALS AGAINST NASHVILLE?
I have nothing to say about this game besides how awful it was to watch you do nothing for sixty minutes. Capital 'A' 'W' 'F' 'U' 'L'.
Whatever. See you guys on Thursday, I hope?


TalkBuffaloSports.com said...

it was a miserable game...we looked like we were skating in mudd.

Frankly I'm tired of seeing how soft we are on defense.

Vanek seems to be the only one that wants to win these games...

...and our ex-Amerks are playing like shit.

We need big changes if we want to start turning this season around...and that may mean sacrificing some gems in Portland to get us some help.

Jael said...

I don't even know anymore.

I mean, I DO, but it would take a while to type.

Shelby Rose said...

I completely agree with what you're saying, TBS. The defense has been making me crazy since the Sabres began to lose games because they went back to their old ways, again. I wish they'd go back to that mentality where it was defense first - Those first five games of the season were so spectacular. And then guys came back, and now they can't play like that anymore? No excuses.

There was a post over at The Goose's Roost about Vanek carrying almost all of the load here with goals and such, and they mentioned how if he doesn't get some help soon, we're in big trouble. We see flashes of it, but I don't see any sort of consistency from any other guy, and that's not because I'm being bias since he's my favorite player. He's about two steps ahead of everyone else on this team.

If things don't turn out for the better soon, I'm willing to sacrifice the development of some players in Portland to get them up here and see if they can do anything. Even better - Make a trade, and bring someone in here.

Shelby Rose said...

I mean, I DO, but it would take a while to type.

I think typing it out might help you out. It helps me when I'm on a ranting rampage (which seems to be a lot with this team lately).