This game meant nothing to me because...

I watched the first period, and that was pretty much it. Sam and I were talking on the phone the rest of the time in my room and since I don't have cable up here, I had the boxscore going on my computer. It looks like it was a boring game though? Aren't these Sabres-Leafs games supposed to be exciting? I mean, hello, the preseason one I went to was ah-mazing with the comeback the Sabres pulled off! This game just looked so blah.

I'll let you ladies and gents handle the postgame thoughts and whatnot. I've got nothing on this one.

Edit: Rachel over at Meet Me @ Chef's posted the greatest video ever. This was my first time seeing the wonderful 'Fabian' being performed.

Fabian (Live)

Drew, you are so hella sweet in those leopard pants.


Mary said...

I only saw the first 'cause we went to go get our Christmas tree instead. But it looks like I didn't miss anything from then on, just them giving up after doing well in the 1st...

And that video. I remember spreading it around to people last year because it's gold. But maybe he should spend less time with Fabian and heavy metal and more time practicing on open nets after tonight!

Shelby Rose said...

Maybe that's why they didn't do well the rest of the game. Neither of us were watching!

I agree about Drew. Less hard rawk and more getting pucks in an open net. He can work it out after he successfully puts a puck in an open net ten times in a row.

By the way, welcome home! (: