Ole, Ole, Ole, SHUT UP.

If there's anything I hate more than the Penguins goalhorn (which is weird since they're my second favorite team), it's that stupid chant. Please people. At least I don't set cars on fire after my team wins game 7 of the first round of the playoffs.

I know not all of their fans did this, or do this, but some fans of teams are incredibly stupid.

I think the non-call on Begin or whoever was in front of Miller on Hamrlik's goal was ridiculous. If you're going to call Ellis on Halak, then you better call that one, too. What sucks is without that goal, the Sabres could've won the game. The officiating was awful but we expect this when the Sabres play in Canada. It's never any different.

Nice to see the boys score twice with the man advantage. Their penalty kill continues to do well too, even though the 5-on-3 was capitalized on, and you can only give up so many power play chances against a team before they score. So I understand those goals.

Here's to a better game tomorrow. The Penguins came off a pretty embarrassing loss to the Leafs yesterday, so they should be ready to fly (that's a pun) tomorrow. Oh, and it's on Versus! Faaaaaantastic.

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