This Christmas could be the best one yet.

First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday with their families. I have pictures of most of the gifts I received these past two days.

Now, the first gift isn't really a gift, and I don't want people calling me a traitor. The Pittsburgh Penguins are my second favorite team in the NHL, and I do happen to have a Crosby jersey in my possession. I really do respect the guy (even if sometimes I want to kick him in the nuts, and hate him) but I just can't do it. I don't know why. Maybe I shouldn't have read that biography on him...
Anyways, they were selling these growth posters at Tim Horton's, and this thing is literally seven feet tall. It took me awhile to tape it on my closet door, but I got it down. It's...interesting, to say the least. And just a bit creepy, haha. I have to mark my height on it. I come up to his nose when he's in skates.

I'm super excited about this gift. My stepdad had gotten a new cellphone, and I've been aching for one, so my parents gave me his old one to have. I don't think there's texting on it (yet), but I already changed a few things up on the phone, and I can't wait to use it! My best friend is going to flip since we both thought I wasn't going to get one until I paid for it myself.

My aunt knitted a pair of gloves for me. Aren't they cool? They fit well with the Navy nail polish she got me as well (which you can see in the previous picture).

My brother and sister-in-law got me these nifty looking slippers. They're Sabres skates! They're really comfy and I'm currently wearing them. These are so going with me on the way down to Florida. I hope I don't forget them when coming back up next week.

Oh look, another Thomas Vanek shirt in my possession. This isn't any different. :P My parents found it at Wal-Mart, so they bought it for me. It's cool because it's like he's towering over the city of Buffalo. There's him being Atlas for you.

This is the gift I really, really, really, really wanted this year. The 2003 NCAA Frozen Four Championship DVD between Minnesota and New Hampshire. My family and I watched the first period of it, and so far in it the Gophers and Wildcats are tied 1-1, but I know that's how far New Hampshire gets. (; I am highly amused by Thomas' hair in the DVD. HSBC Arena doesn't look any different. I really want to be a part of a marching band that plays at hockey games. Oh, and they showed Thomas' father, Zdenek, and my mom couldn't believe he was 44 at the time of the game, but I had to remind her that Thomas was 19 years old.

My sister-in-law made cookies for everyone this holiday. I only had one sugar cookie, but she has lemon ones, oatmeal ones, and the Scottish shortbread in the container, too.

Again, my sister-in-law and brother (younger of the two) bought me hand foam sanitizer and shower gel that smells like Vanilla. It's my favorite scent I think because of my mom. She loves it too. I'm happy I was given sanitizer because now when we're going to Florida and the buses stop at a fast food restaurant maybe, I can put that on my hands and I'll be okay, haha.

Finally, they both bought me a Super Mario Land t-shirt. This made me want to find a Super Nintendo at a Flea Market, find a Super Mario Land cartridge, and play. I miss that game. *sigh*
I'm very happy with the gifts that I received this year. I hope all of you enjoyed your gifts, too!

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