Uh...yeah, let's go with that.

It's pretty sad when the guy who got hit by an Alexander Ovechkin shot is one of the best players on the ice for the Sabres during the third period. Real nice, boys. Thanks for being a trooper Thomas, with your limpish body and grimacing the rest of the game when you came back. I hope your wife takes care of that leg for you when you get home tonight.

I don't really have anything else to say about the game. Ovie scored, as usual. My mom got mad at the Sabres and wanted to fire most, if not all of the defensemen. I decided I really, really hate this team sometimes.

Just so you guys know...Puck Over The Glass is on hiatus for about a week ('til January 3rd). I am going on my band trip to Florida starting tomorrow until next Saturday. We're playing during the Citrus Parade in Orlando, and also the Walt Disney Parade on the 29th. I'm going to miss posting here of course, but when I come back, I'll have lots of stories about what went on during my vacation/band trip!

Oh, and I hope I can come back to plenty of wins from the Sabres. Please boys? ):