This hat, it has three owners. Three players (may) have this hat.

My title for this post pertains to the fact that in today's interviews from the Sabres, three guys may be wearing close to the same exact hat. Thomas Vanek (see above), Derek Roy, and Ryan Miller are all wearing black hats that look almost exactly alike. I know Thomas' hat is from D&G (ooo), and I don't know where Derek and Ryan got theirs from. Just some of the random things I notice during interviews.

Oh, and Thomas totally said in his interview 'We have to get some early girls.' EARLY GIRLS?! But what about your wife? Don't take after Tim Connolly, who probably likes his women late. (Yeah, I went there.)
Next time you're being interviewed Mr. Vanek, don't screw up words. I think you meant to say 'goals'. (;

Oh, and this whole thing about a ref saying 'f u' basically to Ryan? Well, fuck you too, ref. If I may use a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail - "I fart in your general direction!"


Jill said...

That's what happens when they hang out together and shop at the same stores... LOL!

Shelby Rose said...

I wish they would get a Sabres shopping spree on camera sometime. I would highly enjoy that.

Of course, Derek would pick all the spots and guys would follow like lapdogs.

Cari said...

We have to get some early girls.' EARLY GIRLS?!

HAHAHA I watched that part like, five times, just to be sure that was actually what I was hearing. WTF Tommy??? WTF. Oh, and Derek's hat said something like Ben S-- on the side of it, but I couldn't read it all, and Ryan's hat was actually brown. I was watching and thinking, "Why do they all have hats on?" But then I thought, well, first of all, it's been raining all day, and second, they're at the Pepsi Center, and it's freezing in the Pepsi Center... idk.

Shelby Rose said...

they're at the Pepsi Center, and it's freezing in the Pepsi Center... idk.

It is absolutely freezing at the Pepsi Center. I haven't been there in so long, but I still remember huddling up next to my mom to watch when my sister played hockey. Good times.
And I'm so used to Thomas wearing a hat in every interview he gives. He never seems to be without one.