The best news I've heard all week. (Or could be worst?)

Look who might be making his first appearance in an NHL game tonight.

I got the email about an hour ago in my inbox thanks to Sabres.com, and I couldn't be more excited. It's too bad Marky had to be sent down so that Gerbs could come up, but maybe this can shake some things up a bit. I just hope Nate doesn't look too lost out there...or he doesn't get the Staffy syndrome. We all know what bringing players immediately up from the AHL can do to some players. Drew never fully bloomed down there since he was up here most of the time in '07. I really, REALLY hope the same doesn't happen to Gerbs because he has a lot of potential.

With him coming up, how are the lines going to look tonight? Here are my thoughts:
Vanek-Roy-Stafford/Gerbe? (Considering this line has had nine points in the past four games, I wouldn't touch them, but...)
Hecht-Gaustad/Gerbe?-Pominville (Jochen is no centerman. And I know it might be early to shift Gerbe up to the second line, but who else would he play with? I can't see him playing with Max, or Goose, or someone like that. Maybe ump down Stafford and make Gerbe a winger.)
Afinogenov-Mair-Kotalik (God, I hate this line.)
Paille-Gerbe-Stafford? (Wow, I can't count players, I don't think. That line was just smushed together.)

However it ends up, I hope it works.


Caroline said...

The boys all stopped doing drills and tapped their sticks on the ice when Gerbe came on, so it seems like they're all excited!

Shelby Rose said...

Aw, really? :D Hurray! That is good news!
Now I'm really excited for the game tonight.