Hecht fought - we're not Jochen!

You can whip that out anytime you please, Sir Yo-Yo.
Sabres won 4-3 in a pretty intense game.
Quick Summary:
- Watching this game made me realize how awful Tampa Bay truly is of a team. What a complete mess.
- Sabres won against a team who they should be able to beat. let's see if this carries over to the Pittsburgh game - and the Penguins lost to the Senators earlier today. They're going to want to win a game in their own building on Monday.
- How awesome was Nathan Gerbe tonight? That little dude was getting hit all over the place and got up right away. Didn't miss a beat at all.
- 19th of the season, baby.
- Speaking of my man, what happened in the third period? Did Lindy bench him or what, because I saw a lack of Vanek out on the ice.
- "Gaustad and Downie are having a nice chat from the benches, and they're pretty far from each other. Maybe they need AT&T."
- If I had known Gerbs would be up here anytime soon, I would've asked for a Gerbe jersey instead of another Vanek one. (I should do that instead of the more than likely All Star jersey I'll be asking for of Vanek's...)
- How were Derek and Nathan on the same line? The height on that line is amazing, with the exception of one Drew Stafford. Jesus.
- I love Vincent Lecavalier and Marty St. Louis. I can't help it.
- I am frequently amused seeing the other arenas when the Sabres are on the road. With only a few exceptions, most of the arena tends to be full of Sabres fans. Tonight was no different.

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