Thomas, we need to talk.

Shelby: Thomas, I need to talk to you about something.

Thomas: Oh no, what did I do?

Shelby: You didn't do anything...it's just about tonight. I'm going to the game thanks to where my parents work, and I'm going to be pretty close to the ice.

Thomas: Oh, so this means I'll have at least one fangirl screaming my name all night long?

Shelby: No, unfortunately. I can't embarrass my stepdad by yelling out 'Thomas, I think you're hot, have my invisible babies!' Besides, your wifey would be angry with me.

Thomas: Right, right. Anyways, what's the problem?

Shelby: Well...since Jeff Carter took over the lead last night with 25 goals, I was wondering if you could score two for me tonight.

Thomas: Shelby, you know eventually I'll get in a slump. I mean, look at Crosby. He hasn't scored a goal since November!

Shelby: But you're not Sidney, Thomas. You're Thomas Effing Vanek, the guy I really look up to. You're one of the reasons why I want to play hockey, and I love seeing you succeed.

Thomas: Aww...Okay, that was really sweet, I admit. So you want two goals?

Shelby: Yessir.

Thomas: How about a hat trick?

Shelby: Go for it.

Thomas: I'll try. If not, I'll just show you some sweet backchecking skills. *wink*

Shelby: *laughs* Okay Thomas. I'll see you tonight!

Thomas: See you - oh, and Shelby?

Shelby: Yeah?

Thomas: Thanks for being such a good supporter. *smile*

Shelby: *smiles* Hey, it's what I do.


Guys, try and look for me above the zamboni entrance if you're watching the game on TV. I'll be in row 15, a few rows above the top of the entrance.


Jill said...

HE MUST SCORE GOALS! We will look for ya dear!

Shelby Rose said...

Woo, thank you! (:

Jay said...

Hey! The game is in HD (sadly, MSG games are not in HD here in the Cuse) so we might just see you!

Shelby Rose said...

Ah, I hope you did!