Monday night is not all right.

You will rarely hear me talk about football at any point in my life, I think. I don't pay attention to the sport much, and I am not an avid fan of the Bills. To be honest, I actually hated the team and everything to do with football before this year, simply because I hated playing field shows at the stadium. I think I have garnered a better understanding of why the fans love this team so much this season, though. It wasn't because they were 4-1 by the time they went on their BYE week. I actually started to notice how fans reacted during the games and at the age of 17, I am able to embrace the fact that Buffalo loves all of their sports teams no matter what. The whole move to Toronto debate that will more than likely happen is another factor as to why I've noticed this passion. I'm late with the party for this one.

This situation with the Bills made be remember how the Sabres had been in the same state a few years ago before Tom Golisano saved the franchise. Sabre fans were in the same exact boat. Now the Bills fans are. The only problem is that the Bills will probably become the Toronto Bills, and we will only have a baseball, hockey, and lacrosse team in this city with no football involved. If there is any way possible for the Bills to stay here, than I am all for it. I'll even take a miracle. The city needs and deserves it. I mean, look no further for passionate people when you come to Buffalo. There's a passionate fan in all of us deep down inside, regardless of whether or not we're a fan of a specific team here.

On an ending note, the Bills will do better in the coming weeks. The Sabres will get back on their groove. All will be well in Buffalo land - don't give up hope yet because it's not over until it's over (I'm saying this more specifically for the Bills because they play A LOT less games than the Sabres. They only have so many chances to do it right.)


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Shelby Rose said...

After reading numerous blogs, I feel truly sorry for all Bills fans. If I was into it a lot, I don't know how I would be able to get through the day right now.

Caroline said...

That picture is sad....I feel bad for poor little Rian. :(

Shelby Rose said...

I do, too. ):