5-2 win over the Canucks for the Sabres tonight. I had my doubts because I always get scared of Western Conference teams, but by George, we did it! Goals by Spacho, General, Kots (2), and Tvans.
Quick summary:
- Before the game even started, I was watching it on MSG HD for the Sabres Show that never came on...instead I got a half hour of the Sabres pregame skate, and stuff they spoke about in the beginning of the game before it started. Talk about behind the scenes.
- MSG HD killed me with the upcloseness of Thomas Vanek in the locker room. I melted a lota little.
- Speaking of MSG HD, their feed sucks. It went out on us a couple of times, and I was about to murder it. IT WENT OUT WHEN THOMAS WAS BEING INTERVIEWED AFTER THE GAME! I had to stare at his face with his eyes closed for about two minutes. ):
- STEVE! Why did you have to score against us? *tear* It was such a weird goal, too.
- Patty K getting us power plays is pretty awesome. I don't know how I'm going to feel about him 'turtle-ing' for the entire season, though...if he continues to do this.
- "I'd rather drink a cup of Drain-O..."
- You can't top the Vanek/Kotalik goal celebration. It was the KaletaCarubba Collision for God sakes.

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