It's good to get these injuries out of the way now, right?

I read the news about Craig Rivet's injury in school this morning. I was in Study Hall and decided to check up on the Sabres to see if anything was up and sure enough, I was greeted with 'Craig Rivet Undergoes Knee Surgery'.
So I click on the link to see what's going on, and read that he's out for two weeks. Nathan Paetsch will play next to Teppo while Katie of Muckers & Grinders brought to my attention that Hank and Toni are going to be back together! I can only hope this does good things for the both of them, even though they were broken up in the beginning for a reason...

Phil Housley was also honored with the Lester Patrick award today. I've heard numerous stories where he had a huge ego and was a stuck up sort of player. I wasn't around yet when he was in Buffalo, so I have no idea if these stories are truthful. He doesn't look like a bad guy to me.

I was going to post something yesterday, but I started my driving classes. I can already tell that these 16 weeks are going to be soooooo much fun! /sarcasm

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