'C' is for cookie; that's good enough for Craig Rivet and the Buffalo Sabres (and me!)

Craig Rivet was named the permanent captain of the Buffalo Sabres earlier today by Lindy Ruff. I found out the news once I got home from school, and was perplexed at first. I didn't know what to think of it. To be honest, I thought either Jochen or Pommers would end up with the 'C' but after listening to both Lindy's and Craig's interviews, and checking up on some articles, I began to believe that this was the right choice. Even if he was only here for .827842381912 seconds so far, he really showed a lot to the fans even in his first fight during the Sabres/Leafs game on the 27th of September. A lot of players respected him immediately, otherwise I don't think he would have the 'C' right now. And who am I to complain when it's Lindy Ruff making the call? At least the team now has one guy to look to for leadership instead of a whole bunch of guys (but they still need to carry on their responsibilities).

In other Sabres news, Paul Gaustad was put on the IR after his thumb surgery. If the Sabres were the Penguins, it would make sense for me to say he was a 'flightless bird' even with his nickname being Goose. Should I say that he is now a half salted slug?
Also, Mike Weber was sent down to the Pirates today. I really thought he had a great preseason up here with the big club, but I guess he's going to see a little more AHL action before perhaps coming up here permanently. If they had sent down Sekera instead, he would've had to clear waivers I think so it was an inevitable move by the Sabres.

My mom came home today and the first thing she said was that I was going to the Sabreskidz Halloween Skate on the 26th! I am a happy 17-year old. :D I love skating on the HSBC Arena ice because then I can look up at the seats and think 'Wow, this is how the guys feel...except I'm not skating in front of 18,000 plus people.' I'm pretty excited to be going again after having skated on the ice back in March for another annual Sabreskidz event.

This shirt will officially be mine in a few days


Anne said...

That shirt is awesome!

Shelby Rose said...

Isn't it? :D They have shirts for other players there, too. They're pretty amusing.