Derek Roy, you amuse me!

Toga Day was lame. I was one out of maybe ten other people who actually attempted to wear something toga-ish today. Hardly any of the people in Student Government (who decided this whole thing) wore a toga, either! Ah well, at least I appeared to be different...now it's Twin Day tomorrow, and I don't know if Chelsea (my best friend) and I are doing it. I'll have to ask her later.

I am subscribed to an RSS feed for Yahoo! sports news, and I found a lovely article today that features Thomas Vanek's BFF Derek Roy.
But wait, as I read this...Derek, you smite me!

"1) Who is your all-time favorite roommate on the road?"
Me: Well, obviously, IT'S THOMAS VANEK. I don't know if you two room together, but I think that would be pretty awesome. Max should sleep in the bathtub, or you can rotate so the entire RAV line is in one room.
"I like Andrew Peters, but he’s a little overboard a lot of times. But he’s always fun. He keeps you on your toes. You never know what he’s going to do - beat you down with a pillow or wrestle you. He keeps you on your toes."
Me: Whaaaaaaat? So now we know how Petey practices his fights - on you, Derek! Please stop telling him to dance around like he's in the middle of a ballroom, thank you.

So I scrolled a bit more through the questions, and the last one struck me.
"5) What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?"
"An Aerosmith concert (at Darien Lake). I was sitting front row. It was really good."

Me: I don't see you as an Aerosmith type. Do you happen to be any good at Guitar Hero: Aerosmith? How were their clothes when you went? Did you buy a concert t-shirt?

I thought I had gotten full lulz from Sabres today, but then Craig Rivet didn't let me down.

What song are you embarrassed about having in your iPod?
"I don’t really have it in my iPod but I kind of listen to it on XM Radio a lot – it’s that Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana or whatever.

"My 6-year-old daughter started to get into that stuff and now I’m into it too. I think it’s great."

What the hell? Do you happen to know a Mr. Nolan Pratt, Mr. Rivet? He happens to sort of like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana too because of his daughter. Maybe you should meet up sometime and discuss Miley's latest scandalous deed. (Oh Pratters, I miss you. ):)



Caroline said...

The first time I read that I didn't see the part where you said it was Craig Rivet and I still thought it was Roy. I was like, "Hahaha Derek has a 6 year old!?"

And Derek saying Peters is his favorite roommate makes me think of that Andrew Peters' Oddjobs video.

Shelby Rose said...

Haha, oh dear, it would be a secret 6-year old he had. At the age of 19, no less.

Ahhh, I thought of that video too, it's so true.

Cari said...


Can you send me a link to that? There is nothing more amusing and adorable and crack-like to me than a Derek Roy interview. Unless, of course, you consider a Derek Roy picture. Actually, even better, a Derek Roy encounter.

Shelby Rose said...


Here you go. :D

Beware of Bear said...

"I don’t really have it in my iPod but I kind of listen to it on XM Radio a lot – it’s that Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana or whatever.

Oh dear. Miley Cirus is like a plague upon mankind.

Shelby Rose said...

To think that veteran hockey players would enjoy her lovely, 16-year old singing voice. D;