Sabres fail on the power play, same old, same old.

It's a good thing that this game was only the last preseason game, otherwise we would've been in some serious trouble. Ten power play chances, and nothing. You know if this were a regular season game I would've been tearing my hair right out!

Tim Connolly is laughing at us right now, while nursing his sore back. Damn you Timmy, damn you.

I give Thomas Vanek an award for not getting in the penalty box this evening, and for being the guy who had the most shots on goal tonight (along with Jason Pominville). More so for the not getting into the penalty box thing since this is the first preseason game where he hasn't had to go there yet. That's my boy.

Now the Sabres have a week left to sort out all of their kinks and kick this season off for real. I'm already itching for Friday to come along, and it seems way too far away. With a (hopefully) healthy lineup (excluding Goose, aww), and a better defensive sound game, maybe the Sabres can start off the season with a big ol' W on the board against the Habs? I'll be optimistic. I mean, it's been too long since real hockey has been around...I'll wallow in my optimism as long as I can. :D

In other sports news, I heard about Trent Edwards getting injured in the Bills-Cardinals game earlier and later reading that the Bills were manhandled for the rest of the night when JP Losman strolled in.
...Oh crap.
Now, I'm not exactly an avid fan of football, but this is not good. The Bills having a great start to their season is an awesome thing for the community. All we need is for our starting quarterback to go down, and have JP Losman come in when he hasn't done well. I mean, maybe he can step in and be clutch, but after the game today? Aiiiiii.

Back to the hockey front; I did not enjoy listening to the Detroit commentators the entire evening. Rick and Harry would've been loads better but the delay kills me on the radio. Oh yeah, and MSG in HD decided to carry Rangers stuff instead of the Sabres in the area?! I pray that is only for the preseason, or they put on the special Sabres channel in HD, otherwise I will be pissed. I have been waiting for the Sabres in HD all summer long and all I need is MSG HD to be only exclusive to Rangers games. That'll throw me off the edge. Okay, not literally, but you understand what I'm saying.

Now I'm just going to try and go to sleep and dream of some pretty goals or whatnot during the week before Friday rolls around...


Cari said...

Tim Connolly laughs at everyone, everyday, in every situation imaginable, because he's just THAT cool.

End of story.

Shelby Rose said...

Tim Connolly is cool like ice.

Caroline said...

I liked how you could hear the director/producer talking during the game. He was like, "Boy, this power play is awful." Haha.

Shelby Rose said...

I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that. At first I was like 'Wha...?' and then I realized 'Oh, we aren't supposed to be hearing this!'