I don't like bonfires anymore.

Tonight was the school's annual bonfire during Homecoming week. Chelsea and I were contemplating all day if we were going to go, and then she asked me after school if I wanted to meet up and I said 'Sure, why not?' So I get to school around 6:50, and was standing around waiting for her. I walked near the football field to see if I would meet up with anyone of my friends but I didn't. I walked back near the back parking lot (where most of the kids were being dropped off), and continued to wait. Now I know her mom tends to be late to things so I was like 'Okay, I'll give her until 7:10 or something.' Well, Chelsea's sister best friend comes up to me and says that their mom was on the phone so it would take awhile for them to get to school. They don't live far and I waited until 7:30. In the dark. Freezing cold. Scared and worried, because there are...creepsters at my school that I don't feel comfortable being around. The only reason why I went to this bonfire in the first place was to hang out with Chelsea. If I saw either of my two other good friends there I would've stayed, but I didn't see either of them. I called my mom at 7:30 and just told her to come pick me up, and I've been home for the past hour angry/upset. I am never doing something like this again, ugh.

Thanks muchly to Puck Daddy for letting me know Jason Pominville updated his blog:

For instance, our power play has to do a better job. Our special teams are going to be so important this year.

Understatement of the year by our very own Jason Pominville. I mean, remember last season?
Let's not remember last season and our special teams. Even the year before it was horrid.

We are all in this together and want to make strides as a team. I think the organization has made strides in committing to different players and now it’s our turn to give back.

Goodness, that sounds...so right when reading it from a player's point of view, you know? We're all in this together.

Yes we are, Pommers. Yes we are.


Beware of Bear said...

Ah special teams...they really are...special aren't they? Either you got it, or you don't, it seems.

Shelby Rose said...

The Sabres used to have it until their power play specialist coach left the team and switched it with someone else.