Hockey related songs are the bomb.

A friend of mine on Livejournal uploaded a BUNCH of hockey related songs this morning and put them all into two .zip files. I've been listening to them all day, and a lot of them are amazing. There's some team oriented ones, and then there's your goal horns, and then there's your overplayed songs of all time at arenas. I have Cotton Eyed Joe on my computer now, so I can always pretend I'm at the arena grooving to the song (and yes, when I go to games I'm the only girl in section 318 that seems to be dancing when it comes on).

I was supposed to go to the Bills game today and play for band, but...eh. The Sabres loss yesterday plus some personal stuff made me not feel well this morning and I didn't feel like getting up at 7:30 to go to school. They were winning last time I checked though, so that's a good thing. (: Hopefully the Bye week has helped them and Trent Edwards.

While the Sabres were bringing a sexy comeback against the Thrashers last night, I had the Penguins/Leafs game going on Real Time on NHL.com. Nice to know Sidney finally scored his 100th goal in his career, and his 200th assist to have 300 points in his entire career. Evegeni Malkin did the same, and got his 200th point. Well Geno...Thomas Vanek got his 200th point against the Rangers, and that was awhile ago. WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW?

Oh wait, Geno has been in the league fewer years than Thomas has been, ahahaha...yeah.

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