I've hopped on the awesome blogwagon, woo!

Edit: (Afterthought...disregard the awful grammar/sentences used in this post.)

*gives self a pat on the back to start*

Woo, alrighty then.

If you happen to end up here, then you have stumbled onto the blog of a 17-year old girl who knows most of her facts on the game of hockey, but at the same time, can have her fangirliness unleash at any given moment in time. Don't let that fool you. I would much rather puke on those fug pink jerseys than wear them. Even if my entire life depended on wearing that pink jersey. Hang me, tar and feather me, whatever you please but I'm not putting that damn thing on.

Speaking of pink jerseys, I came upon this gem yesterday while looking through the NHL Shop online:What in the Sam hill is this?!

No lie, that was my exact reaction to that...thing. That object colored in pink and gray. Nice to know that the logo was incorporated into the item, I could barely see it! *squints eyes*

Anyways, I'm totally getting off track here. I've been a Sabres fan ever since I was little; I've been born one practically. I never had the chance to see them play in the Aud, but I did go there once for one of my older brother's hockey games. All I can say is that my young ears did not appreciate the sound of the horn blaring through the arena, and I burst out crying. My poor grandfather had to walk me around the building.
I still remember good ol' '99. My stepfather actually taped all of the games, so if I ever wanted to watch the heartbreak over and over again I could.
I wasn't resurged into a Sabres fan until about two years ago. I was really glad to have found my love for the sport again, and plus, I've learned plenty in these past few years. I've been reading up on the history of the game, checking up on most of the teams, and keeping tabs on what's been going on for the past two summers.

If I may so kindly direct you to the side of my blog (This way ---->), you may notice that I have an infatuation with a certain player who wears the number 26 for the Sabres. I might go back from time to time and mention how 'OMG, I TTLY GOTZ A PIKTURE WIT THOMAS VANEK!!!1111' or say how nervous I was to get my jersey signed by him that my sister-in-law had to say 'Uh, she's really starstruck and speechless right now.' and he laughed. A cute laugh, by the way. So uh...sorry in advance if I go a little overboard with the fangirling, I'm sorry. IT'S HARD WHEN YOU GO TO SCHOOL WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT VERY MUCH APPRECIATE THE LISPY AUSTRIAN ON THE SABRES.

Look at him! With Roysie! How can you not love a man who so dependently puts his arm around his favorite teammate/linemate's shoulder?! (You know Derek is his favorite. And vice versa. Right Derek? Right?)

I think I may have rambled on too much for my first post on this thing. I NEED CRITERIA FOR TOMORROW...AND THE NEXT DAY...and you know how it goes.
Since it's pretty late and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow, I will talk about how mad I am at the NHL for refusing to show the first two games of the NHL season on Versus, my thoughts on the upcoming Red Wings/Sabres game tomorrow and why I'm looking forward to spirit week at my school.

I leave you with a video of Thomas...training. With one of his coaches/trainers talking about the training method during the thing. I actually think the videos are highly amusing, if not for the fact that Thomas is wearing a hat during all of this and that he is wearing Under Armour under his shorts.

...I lied, one more video. Simply because Thomas saying that the birth of his son is his most memorable thing is too cute.


Mary said...

Welcome to the other blogging world! :)

Shelby Rose said...

Thank you! (:
I'm glad I became adapt to this pretty quickly, even though my first post took about...an hour and a half to type and whatnot? Haha.

Katie said...

Welcome to the blogging world - great first post!

I would much rather puke on those fug pink jerseys than wear them.

Amen, sister!

I'm so glad to see some Vanek-love on here. Last season, he became my little "pet project" because I always defended him when none of my friends did. That last video of him talking about his son is too adorable!

Can't wait to read more!

Shelby Rose said...

Thanks Katie! :D

Seriously - I do not like those pink jerseys at all. If the money you used to buy them went towards breast cancer research then it would be a totally different story, but...for now, I'll pass.

I am determined to spread some Vanek love on the blogging world. It's a tough job to do in my school, but I still do it proudly. (: