I guess you can never be too careful...Edit: In realizing that I'm a dummy.

Thomas Vanek wrote another entry in his blog or 'diary' earlier today:

So we got out of the starting gates really well. Now we’ll face the Rangers and that’ll be a really tough test. They have won all of their five games so far. If we pass this test, well, that’d be really great for our team.

Van, this would be really great for the team. It'd be nice to beat a team who is also undefeated as we go on with our current undefeated streak. (; The Rangers scare me though, bad Rangers.

I’m quite satisfied with my performance so far. Normally I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I never had a better start into a new season than this. Of course, I’m most happy about my shorthander against the Islanders. That was my first shorthander in the NHL and if I remember correctly my first shorthander ever. Well, except maybe in the peewees.

Shorthandershorthandersshorthander, am I going to hear this all the time now? Basically, I would love for you to be #1 in SHG this season, seriously.

...and I check NHL.com, and you're tied with seven other people, sweet! It's a step in the right direction!

Also, peewees? I hope you looked like the picture over there ---> at the time. Cutest Peewee hockey player award in Austria, totally.

I was really shocked when I heard that Bernhard Kohl got caught doing doping during the Tour de France. I don’t know him personally but I became his fan during the last Tour. But really, before condeming him we should wait for the final tests to be made public. In the NHL we get tested at least twice a year compulsory, always after a game and without any notice. Mostly there are even three to four testings a year.

Even Thomas Vanek is a fanboy of some people; and he's defending him too! I love this. He's pretty much right, you shouldn't really condemn anyone until the facts are straight and made public.
I had no idea that they were checked after EVERY game to see if they were taking drugs of some sort. I would figure every couple of games since you wouldn't know when they would do it, but you can never be too careful about these things.
Thanks to Caroline for pretty much pointing out that he meant when they DO get tested, it's after a game. I knew that.


Caroline said...

I don't think he meant they get tested after every game, just that when they do get tested, it's always after a game.

And yay for hockey player blogs!

Shelby Rose said...

Oh yeeeeeeeeah, that would make sense, haha. Silly me.

dani said...

That is positively the cutest picture of baby Thomas I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing the wealth. :D

Shelby Rose said...

You're welcome! It's my pleasure. (: