Me + afternoon games = what?

I am not a huge fan of afternoon games, which is why I'm glad that the Sabres only have two this season. At least, I think they only have two of them this year. Anyways, I am never in my hockey mode in the afternoon so I tend to have ADD during afternoon games. Doesn't help that the Sabres are playing the Islanders out of all teams, so that just adds on to the boring. I'm hoping for a high scoring game with little allowed in our own zone. Oh, and a power play goal would be beyond lovely as well.

“I didn’t see it right away because it was on Ryan’s other side,” Lydman said Sunday. “I was standing on his left side, I saw it rolling towards the net and I guess thank God I have a long stick.”

I am highly amused by that statement, thank you Loodster. I am thanking a higher being right now for you having a rather long stick. :P
Get your heads out of the gutter, folks!

"This shows we can play one of the better teams in the East," Vanek said. "So far so good."

Wooooooo, you tell 'em, Thomas! But can we do the same against one of the better teams in the West? Like, Vancouver? Elite goaltender, and they are showing more offensive power (much to my delight because I like the Canucks).

I'm hoping that I can go to the game on Friday...


Beware of Bear said...

I hate afternoon games too. The teams always seem pretty laggy and it just feels weird.

Shelby Rose said...

Good thing the boys aren't feeling too laggy right now...at least on the scoreboard. 2-0 so far in the second period, Sabres. :D

Caroline said...

Yeah, afternoon games just don't feel right. But hey, a 7-1 game!

I'll be at the game on Friday!

Shelby Rose said...

Wooooo, that game was awesome! :D

Ah, have a wonderful time at the game! I highly doubt I'll go, so I'm pretty jealous, haha.