Sarah Palin brings some bad mojo to teams.

Courtesy of The Pensblog. It's basically the same sort of thing that happened to Marc-Andre Fleury last year in the Stanley Cup Final, but one, he didn't get injured from it and two, he tripped through the door. I blame Sarah Palin and her carpet for doing this to Manny. Plus, St. Louis lost 4-0 to the Kings. I'm telling you, she is bad mojo.

Should be a good game tonight for the Sabres. I have no idea if I'm going to stay awake for all of it, but I'll try. I hate games that are really late because it's hard to pay attention.


Anne said...

she's the devil incarnate, or Gary Bettman sportin' a weave and a chanel suit. Notice how in the battleground state of PA the NHL was like "uhhhh, drop the puck in Philly, stay away from Sid, Geno and Flower."

Shelby Rose said...

Haha, the image of Gary Bettman with a weave is just too funny.

I bet Danny Briere's abdominal tear was a result of Sarah Palin dropping the puck in Philly, too. An aftereffect long after the event occurred.