History repeats itself. SABRES LOSE.

Ehhh, I don't feel like inserting a picture in this post. Shocking, I know.

Sabres lost today via the shootout. After being down 2-0 to the Thrashers, they rallied back in the second and third to send the game to overtime. Lalime kept them in the game until Vanek scored on the PP to cut the lead by half. Then Pominville scored late in the third to tie the game. Stafford was the lone scorer for Buffalo in the shootout, and Kozlov and Kovy scored for the Thrashers.
Quick summary:
- When Buffalo had their 10-game winning streak in the beginning of 06-07, Atlanta was the team that beat them first. In a shootout, no less. They did the same tonight. Atlanta, of ALL teams. Christ.
- I love Ilya Kovalchuk, but not when he scores against us.
- Patrick Lalime gets the first star from me tonight. He was excellent in net tonight, and if he didn't make all those spectacular saves, we would be going home with 0 points right now.
- 17-6 were the shots in the first period, I think? Atlanta shot more than us, HOLY HELL.
- Thomas Vanek was sick of the passing shit and took things into his own hands on his PP goal. That's how it's done, ladies.
- That 'Stupid Questions' thing was cute. I was hoping to see more players involved, but maybe that'll be in later installments.
- As much as I love Thomas Vanek and want to be his BFF, he is not very good in shootouts. Private to Lindy: Thomas is an amazing player that can do many things, but shootouts is not one of them. Oh, and I'm a wimp because when I found out Thomas had to score in order to keep the shootout going, and he didn't, I cried a little. I just felt really bad because he had all of that on his shoulders. ): He can't be a superhero every night...

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