How Swede it is...NOT.

I was very mad yesterday when I was searching through my Time Warner Cable guide to find that not only were they not showing the Lightning/Rangers game on television, but they also weren't showing the Penguins/Senators game either. I live in the Rochester area of WNY, so CBC is out of the question here (but one of my friends at school gets it?) and my family doesn't want to pay the extra five bucks to get the NHL Network. I would've watched it on the internet, but why do that when there's a nice, HD television down in my living room where I could watch Sidney Crosby attempt to grow a five hair?

Another point I wanted to make was...the NHL is trying to broaden the market in Europe, yes? They should let the fans who don't have CBC/NHLN have a chance to watch the ongoings in Europe with all four teams. I know they're showing the games today, but I would've preferred to watch all four instead of just two. It worked last year, didn't it? (I missed those games too, by the way.) The NHL and the way they do their marketing confuses the heck out of me. I probably shouldn't ponder otherwise I'll be thinking about this all day.

It's amazing how much younger Sid the Kid looks without sort of longish hair, and a clean shaven face.

I'z b twnty-1 noaw?

What a babyface! If he still look like this when he hits his early thirties, he will be like a certain French Canadian we all know (and might love? Maybe? You know who it is.)

On the flipside of the European games...

My other favorite 26 in the East!

Marty St. Louis! Or 'Luis' as according to these captions. I'm going to apply for an editing job for these photos, for real. I mean, how do you get the number '66' from '87'? HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? But, I digress.

I plan on watching both of these games, including...


Hooray for televised preseason games! Too bad it's the Detroit feed. But still, TELEVISED PRESEASON GAMES, YAHOO!

My prediction is that the Red Wings are going to place Ty Conklin in net because you know they're saying 'Hey, this guy totally stonewalled the Sabres when he was in the net last season. LET'S PUT HIM IN TO GIVE CHRIS OSGOOD SOME REST.', but then, they'll realize their mistake when all of the sudden the Sabres power play turns out to be really good tonight. (It will be, right?) Or Tim Connolly miraculously has a healed back before the game and decides to play. (Highly doubt it.)
Whatever happens, happens. IT'S ONLY THE PRESEASON. It all starts on Friday, baby~ Which makes me wish I wasn't a senior in high school, but a freshman in college so that I could go to the Party In The Plaza. ): My Homecoming game is on Friday, so I must DVR the game...And they usually lose when I DVR games, so this is bad. Hopefully they won't do it this year!

Speaking of Homecoming, this week is my school's ~Spirit Week~! I have:

Tomorrow - Toga Day
Tuesday - Twin Day (In thus, my best friend and I are dressing like each other. Too bad she hates hockey/the Sabres.)
Wednesday - Elegant Day
Thursday - Class Distinction Day (The senior class got stuck with black. We're rebelling.)
Friday - Spirit Day

Then the Homecoming game is on Friday, along with our pep rally. Oh, we also have a bonfire on Tuesday but I still don't know if I'm going to that...

About one more hour until the Lightning/Rangers, fwee! I don't give a care who wins this game, I just want to see Markus Naslund in some High Def. Oh, and Chris Drury with that 'C' on his jersey. I can't hate the guy, it's really hard.

And for the Penguins/Senators...Go Penguins!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you couldn't watch the games.

I hate spirit week. LoL. They always choose such stupid things and I just hate it. LoL.

Shelby Rose said...

Ah, it's okay. I'm just glad that the games are being televised today. (:

Haha, well, this time it isn't too bad. I'm excited for Toga Day tomorrow. Also, Elegant Day because I'm wearing my prom dress from last year to school then.

Going Five Hole said...

it's a business and the NHL wants you to shell out that $5 to see the NHL Network games.

Same as the issues with NFL Network showing certain games not available anywhere else.

Fair? Def not to fans, but it's another way to generate revenue in their eyes.

And not having two games aired won't kill them in marketing the product.

Don't forget, they did the same thing last year in London. The first set of games wasn't shown in London nationally and the Sunday games were on Versus.

Saturday's games would have been on Versus if not for the channels college football contract.

Shelby Rose said...

Ah yeah, that makes plenty more sense. I guess I've been just so itchy to watch some sort of hockey on the television that I was easily ticked, haha.

I would totally dish out the five bucks for the NHL Network too, if I had a job...it'd be worth it.