Sure bet that Buffalo will host the 2010-11 World Jr. Championship.

On the Sabres website, they state that USA Hockey will make an important announcement on Monday afternoon at 2 at HSBC Arena. I was pretty sure that this was a hole in one for the Buffalo community, considering I don't think they would make an announcement if Buffalo wasn't the location they had chosen. I can't wait until Monday so that this news can be officially announced.

I think I'm extra excited about this because by that time, I'm going to be in college and hopefully have somewhat of a good job. I want to try and go to a few games to see the possible future stars of the NHL. The experience would be loads of fun as well. I wouldn't even care what teams were playing at the time, I would just love to go!

About the Minnesota game last night: I honestly didn't think the Sabres should've won that game. There was no way they should've come back against the Wild of all teams. They did it. Somehow, they came back and won it in overtime. The second period was pretty awful, and they still won
Gosh darn it all, I love this team.


Anne said...

Watching them win those kinds of games is like completely unfamiliar territory. We've gotten so used to watching them roll over and die in the first half of last season that this scrappy determination is just throwing us all for a loop.

Shelby Rose said...

It's like we're getting thrown back to two years ago. Except now, the defense isn't totally skating around like chickens with their heads cut off. Now I know to make sure not to leave my seat if the Sabres are down by a couple in the third period, because they might come back.