Not going to Long Island was worth it.

As a spur of the moment thing, Tamara and I were going to head to Long Island for one reason and one reason only. That was because WE THOUGHT Patrick Lalime was going to start the game. Our assumption was completely wrong. Really good thing we didn't go to the game. Also, Lindy foiled our costume idea. Tamara was going to be Patty while I would be Marty. Ugh. It would've worked from the second period onward.

This game was awful from all ends of the spectrum and you can't even justify anyone's game last night, from the offense all the way to goaltending (except Patty because he had to replace Ryan). The offense just didn't show up and Marty was excellent. The defense backed up way too much and gave a lot of room to the Islanders, and Ryan did not look good. At least on the second goal. That was all him.

There's a quote that Thomas Vanek had last night that bothers me.

"This one falls on me. I'm the goal-scorer here, and I could have put the Islanders away in the first period myself, and I didn't."
Shut up, Thomas. Just shut up, please. There is more than one guy on the team that has the capabilities to score. I'm just sick of him taking all the blame when it either wasn't his, or wasn't entirely his fault. I feel like he needs a hug. All the time. I love you Thomas, but don't start the blame game on yourself this early.


Pookey said...

is it wrong that I clicked on the one tag about Tommy and STFU to see if there were other posts like that?

Shelby Rose said...

No, because I should have had that tag in more posts than this one already, haha. I'm sure this won't be the last time I use it.

Jill said...

:( poor TV! He is always so hard on himself. He could have played better but then they all could have!

Shelby Rose said...

I know. ): I love his emo self.