Postgame: 11-14-09

It seems like forever go since a Sabres won a back-to-back game and somehow, they took it to a team yesterday that was rested and ready to go. I was completely stunned by the effort through the first two periods. The Sabres came out flying and dominated the first period. Seriously, I think the first period went by too fast. I don't even think the Flyers knew what was going on.

The power play played well last night, if you forget about the short handed goal by Jeff Carter. Two for six is not bad at all. I'm saying this in how we haven't seen power play goals come often from the guys lately. Nice to see them tally some up on the PP.

I was so excited for Tyler Ennis when he scored his first goal. I really like him and the style he plays, and he's been playing well in Portland so it was a good move by Darcy to bring him up. He probably won't be here long if Drew's hip heals quickly but I have a feeling that he's going to do well with the time he has up here. Good for him!

Overall, a good game from the Sabres last night. They didn't let the league's leading power play score again and they showed a lot of toughness in the beginning of the game. Considering they were on back-to-back nights, they were bound to get tired in the third and you could see it. Now they have off until Florida on Wednesday.

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