Jim Corsi's eyebrows are weapons of mass destruction.

According to Steve Montador in his '2 In The Box' interview (I'm really going to love that segment by the way), Brian McCutcheon could beat Jim Corsi in a fight...but then he mentioned how Jim Corsi's eyebrows are pretty 'sick'. I would have to agree on this. The eyebrows are really stellar, and as Steve said, they could cushion his face if a puck hit him there. Maybe the Sabres should incorporate this into their plan of attack. It would scare the opponents completely and the boys would win every game. Hence, weapons of mass destruction!

Or not.


Jill said...

That was hysterical! Monty is one funny guy! LOL

Shelby Rose said...

I'm glad to see from time to time that these guys have a personality. :D