You blew it.

What an awful game to be a part of. Not only am I not letting the Sabres ruin my trip to Ottawa, but I am going to try and forget how atrocious this weekend has been for them. Losing three games in a row is disgusting. I think the Sabres are like, 1-5 against Northeast Division rivals. What a joke.

I'm so glad the Sabres helped out Patty tonight. I'm so glad they decided to crap out after the first period. Don't give me this back-to-back bullshit. They need to learn how to start winning some games back-to-back. It's getting a little ridiculous now.

Also, maybe learn something new on the power play for once. I don't care if Thomas got a power play goal, it fucking sucks. Take people off the power play. Jason Pominville should not be on the point on the power play because he can't keep the puck in if it meant his life.

I am about ready to tear half of this team apart besides Patty, Patches, and Drew. I think I'm only majorly upset because Tamara and I woke up at 3:30. THREE THIRTY. To drive out here only to witness that. Absolutely disgusting.

Fuck 'em.

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